Client Terms and Conditions

Veteva Client Terms and Conditions

This Website, Web Platform and the associated Mobile Applications (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Platform”) is owned and operated by M/s.Aryaa TechnoVenture Private Limited, a private limited company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 with its registered office at A-104, Kapil Co-operative Housing Society, B-56, Gokuldham, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400063, Maharashtra, India, under the brand name “Veteva” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

These Client Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “Veteva Client Terms and Conditions”) explains the Terms and Conditions which are applicable to every Pet Owner who browses through the Platform and avails the appropriate Services from the Platform (“Client”).

These Client Terms and Conditions have to be read in conjunction with the terms of Veteva General Terms and Conditions and Veteva Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy.

The Client shall comply with the Privacy Policy of the Company and the applicable regulations relating to data privacy and data protection. The link to the Veteva Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy is Veteva Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy. The Client shall comply with all the General Terms and Conditions applicable with respect to the usage of the Platform. The link to the Veteva General Terms and Conditions is Veteva General Terms and Conditions .

By registering, or continued usage of the Services through the Platform, the Client affirms and confirms that the Client has read these Client Terms and Conditions and understands, agree, and provide consent to all the terms contained herein. The Client expressly understands, acknowledges and agrees to the following Client Terms and Conditions set forth herein below. If the Client does not agree to this Terms and Conditions, the Client is requested not to transact on the Company’s Platform. For any queries, the Client can connect the Company’s representative at [email protected].

  1. Registration:
    1. The Platform is available only to the Client who can form legally binding contracts under Indian Contract Act, 1872. Persons who are “incompetent to contract” within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors, undischarged insolvents etc. are not eligible to register under this Platform. If you are a minor i.e. under the age of 18 years, you shall not register as a Client of the Platform and shall not transact on or use the Platform. As a minor if you wish to use or transact on Platform, such use or transaction may be made by your legal guardian or parents on the Platform. The Company reserves the right to terminate your registration or refuse to provide you with access to the Platform if it is brought to the Company’ s notice or if it is discovered that you are under the age of 18 years.
    2. The Client shall register on the Platform by providing the information such as name, the pet details, email address, password, home address and certain other information collected by the Platform for availing the Services. The Client agrees that all information that are provided on to the Platform during registration and any information uploaded by the Client on the Platform, will be true, accurate, current, and complete up to date to the best of the Client’ s knowledge.
    3. The registered Client will be requested to set a login id and password (as per the instructions provided during the registration process) to access the details and the Services available on the Platform. The Company shall send a One Time Password (OTP) to the Client’s registered mobile number or email address which will expire within thirty (30) minutes. The Client shall use the OTP for registering on the Platform using the login id and password. The Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account login id and password and for all activities related to their Account that are transacted on the Platform.
    4. The Client’s access to use of the Platform and the available Services will be solely at the discretion of the Company. In no event and under no circumstances shall the Company be held liable to the Client for any claims or damages resulting from or arising out of the use of the Platform, the use of the Account information or release of the Account information to a third party.
    5. The Company will send notifications and reminders via SMS messages and/or Emails to the registered mobile number and email ID with respect to the appointment scheduled, vaccination for the Client’s Pet or any other related reminders. The Client hereby agrees to receive such notifications and reminders from the Company on a regular basis.
  2. Client’s Account and Data Privacy:
    1. The Company may use its Platform, collect information relating to the devices through which the Client accesses the Platform, and anonymous data of their usage. The collected information will be used only for improving the quality of Platform’s services and to build new services.
    2. The Platform allows the Company to have access to the registered Client’s personal email or mobile number, for communication purpose so as to provide the appropriate Services to the Client and for obtaining feedback in relation to the Veterinary Practitioner or Veterinary health care provider including but not limited to Veterinary doctors & Specialists, Behaviourists, Nutritionists, Therapist, Trainers and others who wish to be listed, or are already listed, on the Platform whether as an individual professional or as part of an organization (each such individual or organization (hereinafter referred to as the “Practitioner” ) and their practice.
    3. The Client is expected to read and understand the data privacy and data protection policy and shall ensure that he/she understands and acknowledges the Privacy Policy. The Company shall not be responsible in any manner for the authenticity of the personal information or sensitive personal data or information supplied by the Client to the Practitioner.
    4. The Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Client’s Account including the access information, login id and password, if the Client is registered on the Platform. The Client shall be responsible for all usage of the Client’s Account and password, whether or not authorized by the Client. The Client shall immediately notify the Company in writing by an email to [email protected] of any actual or suspected unauthorized use of the Client’s Account or password. The Client may be liable for the losses caused to the Company or such other parties as the case may be, due to any unauthorized use of the Client’s Account.
    5. The Client shall provide accurate, complete and true information and will not use the Platform for any acts that are considered to be illegal in nature. The Company at its sole discretion can cancel the registration of the Client or deactivate the Client’s account if the provided information is/or is suspected to be untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete.
    6. The Client hereby authorizes the Company to record the video consultation and other Services (if applicable) availed by the Client on the Platform for the purpose of improving treatment quality, user experience, and other related processes. The Client acknowledges that the Company may record texts, messages, photographs, reports, audio or video or any other material exchanged between the Client and the Practitioner which could inter alia include the Client’s and the Pet’s personal Information. This personal Information will be processed in accordance with Privacy Policy.
    7. The Client may share images or videos of the affected areas of the pet body parts with the Practitioner only if it is absolutely necessary for diagnosing the condition and if is personally comfortable in sharing such images or videos. The Company shall not be responsible for any such images or videos shared by the Client with the Practitioners.
    8. The Client shall use the Platform for the purposes of interacting/communicating with the Practitioner including sharing images or videos of their Pet and shall not use any external mode outside the Platform for sharing such information. Any such attempt to circumvent the Platform and share information with a Practitioner directly to procure medical services or engages in communication, exchange of money for Services outside of the Platform, shall be at the Client’s own risk. The Company shall not be responsible for any breach of Service or Service deficiency.
  3. Booking Appointment:
    1. The Company collects, directly or indirectly, and displays on the Platform, relevant information regarding the profile and practice of the Practitioners, the Practitioners information listed on the Platform, such as their specialization, clinics/hospitals, qualification, fees, booking hours, and other similar details. The Company takes reasonable efforts to ensure that such information is updated at frequent intervals.
    2. The Company enables the Client to connect with the Practitioner through the Platform for booking appointment for consultation. The Client based on the requirement can search and select the Practitioners among the list provided on the Platform to book appointments with the Practitioners.
    3. The Platform provides telehealth Services through the Consult Now and Video Consult module which involve the delivery of veterinary medical services and veterinary health care services using interactive audio and video technology over the Platform (including but not limited to text messaging, online chat, and digital video conferencing), to provide real-time visual of the Pet and interface with the Practitioner on audio and video to complete the Consultation process (hereinafter referred as “Video Consultation module”). The Client can use the Platform to book appointments to interface with the Practitioners by Video Consultation module using the Platform.
    4. The Client may also be allowed to send written notes to the Practitioner using a secure In-app Texting module within the Platform (“In-app Texting module”). The messages sent over the In-app Texting module can be viewed by the Practitioner to whom the message was sent and will typically be answered within forty eight [48] hours. However, the Client should not rely on the In-app Texting module in need of immediate attention from a Practitioner. If Client’s pet is experiencing a medical emergency, the Client should contact the nearest Veterinary Clinic or Hospital. The Client understands and agrees that messaging with Practitioner over the In-app Texting module does not give rise to a provider-patient relationship, and does not by itself constitute treatment, diagnosis, or medical advice.
    5. The Company will ensure the Client is provided confirmed appointment on the Platform. However, the Company has no liability if such an appointment is later cancelled by the Practitioner, or the same Practitioner is not available for appointment.
    6. The Platform enables the Client to select and schedule appointments with the Practitioners available on the Platform. Based on the Client’s inputs such as area of specialty and geographical location, the Platform provides the list of Practitioner’s Profiles who may be suitable to deliver the Services.
    7. The results of any search performed by the Client on the Platform for Practitioners should not be construed as an endorsement by the Company of any such particular Practitioner. If the Client decides to engage with a Practitioner to seek Services, the Client shall be doing so at his/her own risk. The Company does not make any representations or warranties with respect to these Practitioners or the quality of the Services they may provide to the Client.
    8. The Client shall be prepared to share all relevant documents or reports of their Pet with the Practitioner promptly upon request. For every paid consultation on the Platform, the Client shall not obtain consultation for more than one Pet. The Client attempting to obtain consultation for more than one Pet through a single paid consultation on the Platform is a breach of these Veteva Client Terms and Conditions and such consultations will not be addressed by the relevant Practitioner. The Company reserves the right to charge additional fees and the Client shall make the additional payment without disputing such a claim.
    9. The Company is a technology service provider that provides content and facilitates access to the Client and the Practitioner on the Platform for the Practitioner to provide veterinary telehealth and other Services to the Client’s Pet. The Company is not involved in providing any training, healthcare or medical advice or diagnosis and hence is not responsible for any interactions between the Client and the Practitioner. Therefore, the Company will not be liable for:
      1. The Client interactions and associated issues that the Client has with the Practitioner;
      2. The ability or intent of the Practitioner or the lack of it, in fulfilling their obligations towards the Client;
      3. Any wrong medication or quality of treatment being given by the Practitioner, or any medical negligence on part of the Practitioner;
      4. Inappropriate treatment, or similar difficulties or any type of inconvenience suffered by the Client’s Pet due to a failure on the part of the Practitioner to provide the agreed consultation;
      5. Any misconduct or inappropriate behavior by the Practitioner;
      6. Any cancellation or unavailability or offline (in case of Consult Now) or rescheduling of the booked appointment by the Practitioner;
      7. Any variation in the fees and charges.
    10. The Client is allowed to provide feedback about their experiences with the Practitioner. However, the Client shall ensure that the same is provided in accordance with the applicable law. The Client however understands that, the Company shall not be obliged to act in such manner as may be required to give effect to the content of the Client’s feedback, such as suggestions for delisting of a particular Practitioner from the Platform.
    11. Although the Company verifies the information and photos submitted by the Practitioner, it cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or incompleteness represented from it, despite such reasonable efforts.
  4. Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy:
    1. The Client is permitted to cancel the appointment on the Platform within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the appointment.
    2. In the event that, the Practitioner with whom the Client has booked an appointment on the Platform, has not been able to consult on the Scheduled Appointment Time, the Client will need to write to the Company at [email protected] within three (03) days from the occurrence of such event. For the purposes of these Veteva Client Terms and Conditions, “Scheduled Appointment Time” shall mean the date and time selected by the Client seeking appointment with the Practitioner through the Platform for availing the Services and such appointment being confirmed by the Practitioner.
    3. Under no circumstances will the Client be eligible for any refund or any financial assistance in relation to the Services provided by the Platform, unless the Practitioner does not attend a Scheduled Appointment Time, within,
      1. Fifteen (15) minutes in case of the Video Consultation appointment;
      2. and Consult Now module; and
      3. Two (02) hours in case of In-Clinic bookings.

      In such circumstances, the Client shall contact the Company at [email protected] to submit a request for a refund. The Client is allowed a maximum period of not more than three (03) days to flag any consultation as inadequate, and request for a refund. No refund requests shall be considered thereafter. The Company shall check the details of the Client request and process the refund for cases wherever applicable, solely at its own discretion. After a refund request is processed, the refund amount will be refunded to the Client within seven (07) business days from the day refund has been approved by the Company. The Company’s decision with respect to any refund requests will be final and binding.

  5. Disclaimer
    1. The provision of any information from the Company does not constitute an opinion, medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment of any particular condition, but is only provided to assist the Client with locating appropriate medical care from a qualified Practitioner. The Company does not interfere with the practice of veterinary medicine, veterinary technician services, or any other licensed profession by Practitioner. The Practitioner is responsible for his/her services and compliance with the requirements applicable to his/her profession and license. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Practitioner using the Platform is solely responsible for and will have complete authority, responsibility, supervision, and control over the provision of all veterinary medicine services, advice, instructions, treatment decisions, and other services performed, and that all diagnoses, treatments, procedures, and other services will be provided and performed exclusively by or under the supervision of the Practitioner, in their sole discretion, as they deem appropriate. The Client shall also provide informed consent, when requested by the Practitioner for any treatment for Client’s Pet.
    2. It is hereby expressly clarified that, the information that the Client obtained or received from the Company, and its employees, contractors, partners, sponsors, advertisers, licensors or otherwise on the Platform is for informational purposes only. The Company makes no guarantees, representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, with respect to professional qualifications, quality of work, expertise or other information provided on the Platform. In no event shall the Company be liable to the Client or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by the Client in reliance on such information.
    3. The Platform is not intended to be a substitute for getting in touch with emergency Veterinary doctors or professionals. In case the Client’s Pet is facing a medical emergency, please contact an ambulance service or Veterinary clinic or hospital directly. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of some information provided and/or having been read on the Platform.
    4. In case of Video Consultation Module and Consult Now any prescription is provided to the Client by the Practitioner are based on the online consultation and it may vary when the Pet is examined physically. Hence, in no event shall such prescription provided by Practitioners be relied upon as a final and conclusive solution.
    5. Although Company screens and vets the information submitted by the Practitioners, it cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or incompleteness represented from it, despite such reasonable efforts.
  6. No Doctor-Patient RelationshipAny information, content, data, text or suggestion provided to the Client by the Platform does not constitute veterinary or any other professional advice. No Doctor- Patient and/or Professional-Client relationship shall be formed between the Company and Client as a result of the Client using Services provided on to the Platform.
  7. Content Ownership and Copyright:
    1. The Platform and its entire contents and its features and functionality (including but not limited to all information, software, text, displays, images, video and audio, and the design, selection and arrangement thereof), are owned by the Company, its licensors or other providers of such material and are protected by Indian Laws and copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.
    2. The Veteva Client Terms and Conditions permits the Client to use the Platform only for the express purposes set forth herein. The Client must not reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, reverse engineer, republish, download, store or transmit any of the material on the Platform except as generally and ordinarily permitted through the Platform according to these Veteva Client Terms and Conditions. The Client must not access or use for any commercial purposes any part of the Platform or any Services or materials available through the Platform, other than for the express purposes set forth herein.
    3. The Client shall not access the Platform for purposes of monitoring their availability, performance or functionality, or for any other benchmarking or competitive purposes.
  8. Records:
    1. Health Records of the Client’s pets are provided on an as-is basis at the sole intent, risk and responsibility of the Client and the Company does not validate the said information and makes no representation in connection therewith. The Client shall upload or make changes to the existing records in case the Client wants to add, delete, or modify the Health Record in any manner. For the purposes of these Client Terms and Conditions, “Health Records” means and includes all the Client’s Pet’s health related information, vaccination history, reports, symptom details, any images, videos of the Pet, and any other related information shared by the Client.
    2. In case the Client is not able to make any changes such as updating, deletion, including additional information to the uploaded Health Records, the Client shall reach out to the Company at [email protected] to make such changes. However, in case of any deletion of the Health Records and any associated records by the Client, the same will be deleted only on the Client’s Account, and Client’s Pet Health Records will continue to be stored by the Practitioners and will continue to be available on the Platform for any retrieval.
  9. Suspension and Termination:
    1. The Company at its own discretion may deactivate the Client’s registration at any time, without any reason. The Company may suspend or terminate the Client’s usage of the Platform, account and/or registration without any reason at any time. After such termination, the Company will have no further obligation to provide any Services to the Client.
    2. The Client agrees and acknowledges that any breach of any provision of any of the terms and conditions of the Platform will result in suspension or termination of the registration solely at the discretion of the Company.
    3. The Client may also terminate the registration by giving a written a notice to the Company at [email protected] without assigning any reason.
  10. Right to Modify:The Company may at its sole discretion change, add, or delete portions of the Veteva Client Terms and Conditions at any time on an on-going basis. The Company shall reserve the right to change the Veteva Client Terms and Conditions at any given time. It is the responsibility of the Client to make sure that they are aware of the latest changes, and therefore the Company advises the Client to frequently visit the Veteva Client Terms and Conditions page on the Platform. The Client understands and agrees that the Veteva Client Terms and Conditions may be updated by the Company from time to time and shall be effective as of the date of the same being posted on the Platform. The Client agrees that he/she shall continue to be bound by the revised set of Veteva Client Terms and Conditions, which are inclusive of such changes.
  11. Obligation of the ClientThe Client is prohibited from performing the below activities:
    1. Intentionally submitting on the Platform any incomplete, false or inaccurate information;
    2. Violating or attempting to violate the integrity or security of the Platform or any content provided by the Company;
    3. Using any abusive or derogatory language when communicating with Practitioner using the Platform;
    4. Transferring copying or duplicating any data and/or information displayed or provided on the Platform to any third party including but not limited to any other person who is competitor to the Company’s business;
    5. Making any unsolicited communications to other Clients or users or Practitioners on the Platform or otherwise;